If you are needing to locate your utilities because you have an ongoing project or you are working on a project that you are going to be taking or working on a new check that may be interesting instruction we are going to make sure that you can handle the one project that every single construction company hates and that is going to be finding the utilities before they are destroyed. We had an idea and a dream whenever we started our utility locating company because we believe that it could be done better and we were going to be able to create that and present it to the industry. And that is what we’ve done and we can innovate the whole utility  service.

So instead of being part of the multimillion-dollar problem call us and be part of the solution and know that this is going to be something that is going to help you in your construction in your budget and in your time with Utility Locating. Because when you know where the utilities are you can work around them this is not going to be something that is going to slow you down or cost you your project. Because we all know in large destruction is going to be that surrounded. He also we know that whenever you are doing this kind of project there are so many different kinds of contractors and just people in general on the project.

You are going to have before that and you’re going to have so many instances where there could be a mishap so schedule your Utility Locating service today. Whenever there is great risk for mishap there is usually a liability that is exposed that is where we come in and we have learned and implemented an amazing way to mitigate and eliminate the problem of destroying utilities. We’re very proud to say that our company true spot has been started by just three of us here in Oklahoma area and we have between the three of us 58 years of experience ience we have been able to take it now into the company are we have worked with one man contracting companies we have work with multi-million dollar projects and we have been able to implement and add value to each and every one of them and this is something here quite proud of we have worked on projects.

We have worked on everything from pools and gutters and schools and huge construction company projects to little projects everything that you could possibly think of in the building industry we have done now is something we were so proud of and something that we know is going to be a value to each and every company that we work with and work for.

And this is just three of us three guys that knew what we’re doing knew what we’re talking about and wanting to change the way something was done in order to make it better and we did that we’re very proud of that this wasOur vision that we brought to reality.. and at the same time fixed an industry problem that has been plucking the industry for years. So call to start your fitness journey at 918-358-0852 or come to the website elitetrainingtulsa.com

Utility Locating | Water Lines Below

There was a time not so long ago and Tulsa’s history went there was not a true spot utility locating solution. And that was when the start was a little less blue the birds tripped a little less cheerfully and we were part of the 50 billion dollar utility construction problem. This is because it is estimated that every year up words of 50 billion dollars is done and utility damage. This is because of one simple mistake contractors are either underutilizing locating and or they have inconsistent inaccurate and subpar quality locating plans.

Unfortunately, this is not something that you can fly by the calf tan and this is how many contractors implement utility locating. Because they do not consider this a vital part of the construction project. When in all actuality knowing what is under your feet and in the ground that you are going to build your fund Foundation upon is one of the most crucial parts of a construction project there is.

That is why as construction experts we knew that there could be a solution to this problem and we knew how we wanted to fix it. That is why we became the leading experts in the industry for utility locating and we have decided to revolutionize the whole industry. While the rest of the field is stuck in the past we are becoming involved with every major construction project the Tulsa area has had in the recent past. Which is putting us Far and Away Above the Rest of the companies in our field and we are in a class of our own. This all started with 3 Guys and an idea.

So how well do we know that we have a combined 58 years of experience in the industry we also have experience in so many different kinds of construction sites and projects that we are proud to say we’re a very well-rounded experience and knowledgeable company that is going to bring knowledge and experience to your build site. Because we are going to fix problems and mitigate damages and losses. Isn’t that what you want on your construction site instead of unplanned and a gambling spirit well that may be fun on your Friday night out it is not what you want a Monday morning on the construction site that has to be on schedule and on time because we understand that anytime you are working on a large project the room for error is going to be very small

A true spot we know that we are going to provide our customers with accuracy and consistency every time and we always know that there is never a better opportunity to show how accurate our results are then the one that is before us at that moment, call us at 405-585-3803 and go to our website at truespot.com