With over 40 years of experience in the utility locating services industry, True-Spot is the preferred choice for utility providers and owners who are seeking precise, timely and consistent locating and damage prevention services.its a guarantee that we are the best in Oklahoma, There is no other utility locating business out there that is better than us, here are constantly looking for new ways to provide all our customers, With only the best high-quality technology in the market today, we’re always adapting to new changes, that’s the future keeps on coming near us. Here at the True Spot we only use data dark technology that helps us locate any utility lines that are hard to find.

Our Utility Locating Services mission is to provide utility providers and owners with consistent, precise, timely, utility locating services of the highest quality available. We do this by making sure that all of our employees are fully trained, are safe on and off the job, that every project is completed on time and with integrity, and we always guarantee the first month free for new potential customers.The most common error that we have seen consistently made by others in the utility locating business is locate tickets that simply go without being completed. This can be for several reasons such as just plain failing to do their job by the time the locate ticket is valid, not completing the entire scope or work area of the locate ticket, or by the locator mis-reading or mis-interpreting the locate ticket and not being in the intended work area.

Through our over 40 years of experience in the utility construction services space we have worked with many different locating companies and have never been satisfied with their accuracy or consistency. We recognized that there was an opportunity for a company with strong core values that could deliver accurate results more consistently and with better customer service and communication. We decided to fill that space in the market and have since become the highest and most reviewed and referred utility construction company in the country.While the processes vary from state to state, there is typically a specific time period between 2 and 5 business days that the person calling the location must wait before beginning excavation. Once that period is up, the excavator can begin their work. The problem that we have experienced the most is that the local company contracted by the utility owner doesn’t begin or fails to finish their work before the starting time of the job.

So there’s so many reasons why we found a true spot. It’s really to help our community and our country. so that’s why we started the spot and it started in Oklahoma by three utility construction experts and drilling excavation and trenching and then each one of them was heavily involved into underground construction and a cool thing is most of the biggest projects in Tulsa was contacted to help complete these projects which gives us a lot of Peace of Mind knowing that there will trusted within our community.

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True-Spot is confident in their statement that other Utility Locating companies are failing at their job because True-Spot was founded by three utility construction experts, who have all spent their entire careers in the utility construction industry. They have a combined experience of nearly 6 decades in excavation, trenching, horizontal directional drilling, etc. Their knowledge of the market is made up from their own experience, not simply an empty claim to gain customers.
While True-Spot may have been founded in 2021, we are confident that we can do better for a couple of different reasons. 1: True-Spot was founded by three utility construction professionals with the specific goal of addressing the current industry leaders’ shortcomings. 2: Before starting True-Spot, all three of the founders were long time owners or superintendents of GEI Utility Construction, which was founded in 1980.

During their time at GEI and up until True-Spot was started, GEI had a multi-year contract with a multi-state telecommunications company doing their utility locating and damage prevention, as well as several other nationwide customers who relied on GEI regularly for underground utility locating and both overhead and underground utility construction services. So while True-Spot may be a relatively new company, their heritage is in the utility construction field and they have extensive locating experience with several different types of underground utilities.True-Spot has an extensive training program as well as in the field training that is required of all of its field technicians before they are cleared to be responsible for True-Spot’s customer’s facilities safety.

Because True-Spot’s technicians are trained in the most advanced utility locating methods, this scenario is typically not an issue. However, in the event that a customer’s facility cannot be correctly marked, there are processes in place to prevent the damage of unlocatable utilities. If a technician cannot correctly identify one of its customer’s utilities, it immediately triggers a notification to the owner. The owner can then make the decision on how to move forward to best protect their property. True-Spot is then able, depending on the owner’s request, to do one of two things. 1 True-Spot can submit a service ticket to have someone come out and attempt to correct the problem. 2 True-Spot can use ground penetrating radar technology to correctly identify the utility and avoid the costly and time consuming inconvenience of having an outage.

the service is going to be great for you if you’re wanting to expand your business or for those who are wanting to build a new home or remodel a home that may be on there, our service is going to be able to help you locate any you tell me lines that may be damaged, or help find the locations to make sure that you don’t dig or cut around that area.

For more information questions or concerns go check out our website or give us a call at https://true-spot.com or 405-585-3803