Before any large project as a contractor, you know that utility locating is first on the list before a wall before a parking lot or a ditch goes, and you need to know where all of at the utilities are located. The reason is that you do not want to add to your existing project or destroy the existing utilities. This is going to be extremely important if you are doing an add-on to a property that has already been developed. In fact, any developed property that you are deciding to work on add on to demolish and rebuild all of these projects is going to want a locating service. We know that whenever you have an existing infrastructure can be utilized and that is much easier to do when you know where it is.

Most contractors have Once Upon a Time ended up in a situation where they have hit a water line or a gas line, especially in the beginning of their career. Although now that True-Spot is here and locally helping most contracting jobs in the area this is something that happens on a rare occasion now. Because of our Innovative technology and our experienced text we have been making this a thing of the past in the Tulsa area for years now, please. And of course, you can try our service absolutely risk-free for the first month and by throwing up math you’re going to find that your projects run smoother and with no unexpected and unexpected waterfalls.

We utilize ground-penetrating radar and this is a cutting-edge technology that is used to Utility Locating lines and obstacles that only the radar will pick up. Our equipment is effectively radar in the ground. It can identify anything underground without excavation. Although we do wait for the day that True-Spot is the reason for a historic dig started because one of our projects and maybe we will discover the next T-Rex.

I said for now we just locate utility lines and make sure that your project stays on time and stays on budget. We are Tulsa’s go to Premier company whenever it comes to any kind of locating of utility lines. Whether it is Condit or waterline it we are your best protection. Because we know whenever you have an accident on the job that’s going to change the whole projection of the work.

Instead of going out of line and trying to guess your way through old Blueprints and outdated plans give us a call and we are going to be able to Utility Locating lines or anything else. Underneath the ground at your location. Whenever you’re in the know you can plan accordingly. And this is something that we do all the time we’ve done it for most large projects in the area and that is because we are the best we also are in innovators behind our new way of doing things. With a combined 57 years of experience, we are just three guys that had an idea to do it a better way. call us at 405-585-3803 and go to our website at

Utility Locating | Join The Team

If you are somebody that is in the job market now and looking for something new to do we suggest that you come and check us out at True- spot utility locating. The reason why is because we are wonderful to our employees. We are able to do this because we are we are literally three guys that had an idea about how we are going to do this locating thing better way. It has caught on and now we are the premier company for this service. We have technology that is Far and Away Above the Rest of the field. So if you want to be part of it cut me that is innovative and on the front end of herb come work with us.

We offer competitive pay that is supplemented by bonuses that each every each and every employee is eligible for. This is on top of their base pay and always exceeds with performance standards. That means that we are going to pay you depending on how you a perform on the job utility locating. So if you are a top performer you were going to be in the pay bracket of the industry.

We like to promote from within this is something we are very how to. We like to make sure that we are creating new opportunities and promote promoting people within our organization that are performing well.

when you come to work at True-spot you can be sure that we are going to be able to offer you consistent work hours. There are many industries that will during the slow seasons let their employees go we make sure we never had that happen. That is why we can guarantee that you will have a consistent paycheck while you were in employment by us.

He won’t ever be on his job where you find that you do not have working equipment or a vehicle that will not get you to the job and back safely. Cuz we make sure that all of our technology is top-notch and all of our equipment is maintained quality and always efficient for our employees. We will never let you go on a utility locating job or you feel that you do not have the equipment that you need or there are repairs to the equipment that you need in order to finish a job.

This is not going to be something that you run across and that is something we are quite proud up. we understand what it is to be starting out or even to be an industry that you are not an expert at. But we are going to make you an expert. Because we are we have mentoring and training from within our company that is going to teach you everything that you could possibly need to know about locating. call us at 405-585-3803 and go to our website at