When looking for a great Utility Locating company we know but it is important to have a coffee that you can dress in a cup in it and I was going to do a good job. Like you get when you come to true spot. True spot is a locating company has been in the business for a very long time. True spot has been in the industry for over 40+ years and has lots of experience and what they were doing. The founders come by and have 58+ years in construction I know the industry very well. And knows what it takes to get the job done right every single time. We guarantee to get the job done with accuracy and consistency every single time.

True spot is a great company to be working with. We aim to be different than any other locating company. Whether you are a homeowner looking to start a new project or a construction company working on multiple projects or even just an excavator looking to build a Deck here soon it was important to make sure you check out what is under your ground before you start getting and cutting into the ground. It is important to make sure that you are not cutting into any telecommunications lines or gas lines. Not only can this be very dangerous but it can also be something very expensive to fix in case that is what needs to happen.

We have a great team of highly skilled highly trained individuals that are safe on the job and all the job. We try to make sure that every project is completed on time and with integrity. We also always guarantee if the first month is free for all of our new potential customers. This is something that we like to offer to make us a no-brainer option to really check us out. Everyone has a dollar so why not I will check us out for just a dollar today. We have lots of Cutting edge technology to know what is under the ground and understand what you are doing with. We understand how important says anytime you are fixing to build or dig into the ground. Before you even put your shovel to the ground or your side to the concrete we are here to help you know what you were getting into before you start.

The Utility Locating Business gonna be a tough business to be in as we want to make sure that you have people that have your back and I can accurately let you know where everything is in the yard. It’s important to know where everything is at in to make sure that you don’t wanna tell him when digging or starting your project. We understand how important your project is to you and how excited you are to get your project done we know what a bump in the road it would be to find out that you’ve cut into a gas line or a telecommunications cable and have to start over or have to completely fix something major first before you were able to even really get started.

If Utility Locating that’s what you were looking for the mixer you come to true spot today. True spot is here to help you with any of your locating needs and whatever questions you may have you can ask us by calling us today at 405-585-3803 or you can also check out our website by going to https://true-spot.com/

Utility Locating | Knows What They Are Doing!

If you are looking for a great Utility Locating Company look no further. You have now found true spot. True spot has been around for many years and has had the pleasure of working with many different companies. True spot has over 40+ years of experience and utility construction services and locating industry. This is a team that truly understands The importance of this business. We understand the importance of locating and how important that is to make sure you get that taken care of before you even start your project. It is important to get this part done.

We understand this is typically the first step in a project. Before you even take your shovel to the dirt or your soggy concrete it is important to make sure that you have checked to make sure you know what is underground first. It is important to make sure that you have mapped out where all of the cables and gas lines are around your house and your construction site. Not only is it something that can be very dangerous if you run into one of them but it is something that can be very costly and time consuming to fix. This is why it is important to make it the first step of your project to check those things out first.

Anyone can hire a utility locating business. Anyone can hire true spot today. With over 40 years of experience in the industry you know that we have what it takes to help you get the job done. We have many highly trained highly skilled technicians and individuals that are always fully trained and safe on and off a job. We make sure that every project is completed on time and with integrity. We also offer your first month for free for all potential customers.

When you are in need of a great Utility Locating make sure you check out your spot first. With your spot offering your first month for free this is a no-brainer option. This is a risk free option to try us out and see if you like us. Offering many different options such as underground locating, ground trade rating radar and damage prevention services I’m sure we have what you are looking for. Anyone can schedule with a true spot or to schedule this type of my business. Whether you are a homeowner, construction business, excavation business, or anything else you will find a time where you are in need of a utility location service and where you will need to know what is underneath the ground before you can start a project this is where we come in.

If Locating is something that you have already been looking for or some thing that you know what you will be needing coming up soon make sure you contact us today. True spot excited to help you and they are very knowledgeable in this industry. Can you find out information on the services that we offer and how to get started today by going to our website. You can get to our website by going to https://true-spot.com/. Or you can also call us today to get started by contacting us by phone by calling the number 405-585-3803.