It is the responsibility of the owner of any property to protect and maintain the public utilities upon their property by obtaining Utility Locating services. This means that if you were going to be building onto an existing structure on your property or even building a new structure where one already exists, this will be a critical service for you. Because it is your responsibility to make sure that you do not destroy any utility lines.

This is easy to do, and it’s done all the time every day by homeowners with the best intentions and they think the best plan it possible instead of utilizing our service. They will guess and this oftentimes has not worked out right for them. Because it is the responsibility of you the property owner to protect any lines that are on your property. You will also be responsible for any costs if they see those from realized. You will have to contact the work and get it done yourself because this is not in the public domain. And it will always be your responsibility and you are going to want to go ahead and hire us on the front end of your project make sure that you know where all the lines are and then you will not have to worry about hiring us after the damage is already done and you have to hire other contractors in order to fix your mistake.

You’re working on a commercial project you already know that you have a project manager and I can contractor that is working for you and that have to implement plans in order to make sure that everything works together like a well-oiled machine while I busted water line is going to best that project to plan also. Not to mention it is going to end the use of water on your project and for the offices that make still be intact.

but whenever you choose to a spot for your utility locating this is not going to be an issue because we have a radar that is going to penetrate the ground and tell us where everything is on your property. That means whether it’s this project or link project in the future you will have all of the data that you need in data from what is Beneath Your Feet. This way you will have every idea of what possibly get in your way whenever you are having to dig it anyway.

These locating services are stressed only at 33,000 lb . Our services for utility locating is also going to be white Essential whenever you are installing utilities. Because this means that we are going to be able to help you see what you’re doing while you are doing this project because oftentimes wherever you were taking and running underground utilities it is quite hard to be accurately informed. This is not going to be an issue whenever you were working with us we are going to be able to help you see inside every single hole and Uevery ditch that you have created. Never walk work blind again call us at 405-585-3803 and go to our website at

Utility Locating | Changing Our Industry

Here at rue-spot we literally are Reinventing the industry of utility locating. The reason why is because we are just three guys that had my dear we thought that it could be done better. That is how our company started and that is how it’s going to continue. It is a fact that it is about 50 billion dollars wasted in estimated damages to underground utilities. That is a huge amount that that sinking 50 billion is the number that we are trying to save the world. We’re doing this with locating. We know that doesn’t sound like a big job and it doesn’t sound like as we are creating national monuments.

Set here at Tris. We know that utility locating is as important as building the nest next National Monument because whenever we can save company money we could save a corporation time and make sure that projects go up faster we are helping in our way to rebuild the world. We all know that it just the structure is damaged in the cane and it is time to rebuild this is something that cannot be done unless we know where the existing infrastructure is

Fact is that whenever there is the damage it is a delay and costly issue that could be avoided with a simple phone call. We have set out to change the industry and make it more affordable and accessible to companies and contractors around the world.

We are a company that was literally started by three guys that wanted to change the industry we thought we had a better idea. It turns out we did this is why we are now the go to Premier company for utility locating in the industry. We have I have plenty of experience we have experience in her horizontal directional drilling Excavating in Trenton. We also have been heavily involved in underground construction. This is why we were looking for better ways to Better ways to utilize a locating. In order to save money save projects and make building better. We know that this is not praised area of the job and we know that this is the part of the job that often goes on. Up until it is time to implement. But we are here to provide seamless location and help your project Move Along smoothly.

We are implementers and we are innovators we have a mission to change our whole industry and we want to help you change your project projection. 2 1 that does not expect problems and will not be part of that 50 billion dollar price tag that the world has acquires each and every year trying to build. If you do not have to fix mistakes then you can stay on track and keep your project on budget. call us at 405-585-3803 and go to our website at