True Spot offers a lot of utility locating services. These Services include but are not limited to finding where wires are and poles. There are a lot of good reasons to use locating services. one is that it Prevents damage to infrastructure. A lot of people use these services such as business people, homeowners, engineers, etc.. There are two different types of services which include public and private. Public includes business owners as private is more for homeowners.

Normally homeowners that use utility location services are looking to put a poll in the yard. since putting a pool in the yard requires digging up a big hole that means that there needs to be no wires or poles underneath this. Therefore there will be a technician that is sent to the location to provide information of what is going on underneath the ground. These technicians use radar technology that penetrates the soil showing where any materials are. When the radar sends signals to the GPR system it then shows where everything is at that time. Then depending on what is going on under the ground there can now be a pool place there.

Using Utility Locating services is for everyone.The three people who founded this company wanted to create a business that was easily accessible and available to the public. They strive to be updated on everything and be the best that they can be.They’re known for their good customer service and using quality over quantity. They train all of their employees fully before sending them to properties. They make it an easy process by putting everything online where you can put a utility locate ticket and be called in one business day for a five minute phone call. There are three people that created this business. They have 40 years of experience. They claim to have seen it all. No job is too big. They believe that confidence is key. They carry this on through their employees.

Utility Locating services involve a lot of Technology. This technology sends frequencies through the ground to see what is underneath the soil. They’re called radars. There is a common Option which is a combination of passive and active locating. This can be used to see through PVC or HDPE lines. This can also help see through plastic and concrete. All of these radars work by using electromagnetic frequencies that are sent to the ground. This is updating every day, but True Spot stays on top of it.

If you are interested in finding out more information about utility location services true spot has a website that has a lot of information regarding these services. If you’re looking for a good company that has the best core values True Spot is for you. They make it quick and easy to make an appointment and there’s even a one month free trial. They send intelligent technicians to you and provide excellent service. You can visit their website at Or give them a call at 405-585-3803.

Utility Locating | X-ray for the Soil

Utilities located in can be described as locating materials underneath the soil. all of the materials that are underneath the soil cannot be seen above the ground. If you’re looking for a good company to use to locate these materials True Spot is the one for you.True spot makes sure that all the employees that they hire have a good coachable attitude. In order to be a technician at your spot you have to take responsibility for learning about communications, sanitary sewer storm sewer, electric, gas and water. You also must learn how to use ground penetrating radars. these Radars are what they used to penetrate the ground to see what’s underneath

Based on reviews true spot is the best at utility locating in Oklahoma. They are highly recommended even across the country. They avoid causing damages to properties. The technicians I work here take their job very seriously to make sure that all the customers receive the highest satisfaction. They also have great core values that include making sure that everyone is amazing at customer service. All of their technicians go through training and have to finish this process to be able to go into the field.

Utility locating is a great service to have. This makes sure that there is little to no damage done to the property that construction workers are working on. The radar technology punctures the surface of the ground and goes through to locate where cables are. It also shows the length of these cords. The technology used for this is electromagnetic frequency. The area that gets transmitted then gets sent to an instrument called the GPR system which shows in real time what is going on down below.

When you think of utility locating, think about how an x-ray works. X-rays send signals across the room and penetrate the skin to provide a picture of the bones. This is similar to how the radar uses waves to see the elements under the soil. Although instead of bones and muscle tissue, there are cables and wire that show up. Compared, they are similar, but obviously very different. Also, some radars are used for different things. Such as an active locator, which does not present anything through plastic and concrete. But if you use both active and passive, you are able to scan through the soil and concrete.

Are you interested in getting utility location services? True Spot has a lot of good, high reviews. They are also known across the states. They will make sure that the job gets done in a timely manner and with an efficient team. They also provide a free month of services. One whole month sounds like a steal to me. When you feel out a utility locate ticket, they will get back to you in less than one business day for a short phone call. After the phone call you will begin the process of locating the materials underground. If you want more information, check out their website at or give them a call at 405-585-3803.