Do you want a great team for utility locating? True Spot has the best team members that are ready to help. They are fully trained and qualified to locate everything that can be found underground. You will get two team members that come out and find the lines hidden beneath the ground. They also will mark them with flags or paint to protect those lines. They make sure to work as efficiently as possible and get it done in a timely manner.

Utility Locating is not a simple job. That’s why the individuals who work in this field are trained on multiple types of locating. They are trained to use radar technology. This is a signal that penetrates the ground to find the length of an object. There are many common types of technology that are used to find the utilities underground. Another one is electromagnetic frequency that also penetrates the ground to scan the area beneath the ground. It then reflects the wires and sends a signal back to the instrument called a GPR. This then tells us what it looks like currently below.

Can I use utility locating, you may be asking. Yes, every house has many wires and poles that need to stay intact. That is why they use advanced technology. To prevent little to no damage to the lines, they make sure to use the proper equipment such as the sharpest tools. They are known to make sure that everything looks like nothing was touched during the process. A few of their reviews state that they are the best locator in the Tulsa area. A lot of people have recommended them across the country.

True Spot is the best at utility locating. With 40 years of experience, they have a lot of experience to prove they are the best. They are the best in the business. They make sure to stay persistent and keep their customers up to date on the protection of their lines. They also have a source online that their customers can see where their lines are currently. This technology keeps their customers relaxed and trusting. They also have many partners to ensure that their businesses have the best and most accurate line trackers.

A lot of businesses use utility locating. Construction, electric companies and even pool contractors use this service. This helps everything work efficiently and stay safe while they build more buildings. They keep everything that is not seen above ground safe. This helps by protecting houses from fires and gas leaks. Since they use technology that penetrates the ground, they can find wires that have been hidden by concrete and plastic.

One thing you will love about this company is that the first month is free. Knowing that you have a full month to protect your home or business is great. They make sure to leave little to no damage. The team members are trained to be done in a timely manner. They are also trained to set goals and reach them. If you are interested in this locating service, visit their website at or give them a call at 405-585-3803.

Utility Locating | Protecting Your Lines One Day at a Time

Do you know how efficient utility locating has become? This service has upgraded their technology and stayed up to date on the latest underground locators. They use multiple types of technology to make sure that your house or business stays protected from gas leaks and fires. They train individuals to be the best at completing their tasks in a timely manner and being the best they can be.

What is utility locating? It is the detection of wires, poles, etc. that are found underground. This prevents fires and gas leaks from happening by protecting these lines. The locators make sure to mark the lines with paint or flags to make sure there is no damage done. They are the best at what they do. They have the best reviews in Tulsa and surrounding areas. They have great core values that make sure they can deliver accurate results. They are also the most recommended in the country. They also have worked with companies that were not the best, which made them realize that they had more opportunity to be better by being more consistent and better at customer service.

Utility locating is a great option for homeowners because it protects their home from fire damage or a gas leak. With over 40 years of experience, True Spot stays on top of the best technology to use to find these wires and poles. They use many different methods such as radar technology and electromagnetic technology that penetrate the ground to find any hidden objects.This ensures that everything is protected.They also send the data online. So that their customers can see that their lines are protected. There are many different types of methods to detect any underground materials but they use the best tools.

How well does utility locating work? It works by finding materials underground and determining their length and location. Once this is determined, they are marked above ground with a flag or paint. They use tools such as high pressure water and radars. True Spot does their best to make sure that there is little to no damage done to the surface. They work with a lot of companies that do a lot of underground work such as pool contractors. They make sure that everything is safe before these contractors start digging up the ground to put a pool. They also have been trying to be less invasive.

Does utility locating from True Spot sound like a plan to you? I would not want to miss out on the first month free trial from the best locator in Tulsa. They are the highest reviewed in Tulsa. People from there even recommend them to people across the country. I would trust this company because I believe they have the best team and most advanced technology. You can get more information from their website that is or give them a call at 405-585-8303.