Placing transmitters over known locations is just one of the ways that our Utility Locating company True-Spot is able to help you locate your services. Because our active method is the most reliable method, understand that it may be effective when it comes to your concrete products, plastic, PVC, or HDPE lines. be sure to let us know if this is what we are going to be operating with and we will have a better solution for you. For instance, we will make sure to work around Tracer wire not being present. Learn more about all the different ways we can help you in your locatining needs.

Knowing that our Utility Locating company is the best in the business is the fact that we understand that we have as much information as possible prior to working. because we have many different scenarios that we could operate with, we will be able to provide you with passive locating or a combination of both passive and active locating. we will determine what the best option is going to be with as much information as we provide us. If you would like for us to search in areas that are large and small, then we can help.

Unknown Utility Locating Services is something that True-Spot is going to be able to do. We are looking to provide the opportunity to work with no Tracer wires or provide ground-penetrating radars. This may be the right option or the method in some specific situations, so be sure to ask about our ground penetrating radar today. We like to compare this to a fish finder in a boat where we will be able to scan the area that is the lowest and make sure to show you in real-time what is actually present. If this is something that you are wanting, then let us know.

Ground penetrating radar usually works with many different situations and we will tell you how we can do it and we will be happy to tell you about admitting electromagnetic frequencies. If you do not know about the specific situation, then understand we should go into the ground so we will be able to record what type of frequency is going to be reflected back up into the instrument. This is going to help us when it comes to translating data and providing you with a real-time picture of what is going on under the surface.

for more information about True-Spot and the different methods that we can use for your utility search, be sure to give us a call at the number 405-585-3803, go online to our website app, and you will also have the accessibility to check out our YouTube platform. This is going to show our Professionals in action and we know that this is going to be beneficial to you if you are interested in seeing us in action. we would love for you to contact us in any way shape or form, to get a hold of our professionals.

Utility Locating | Frequencies Through Induction Rings

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