There at true-spot we literally are Reinventing the industry of Utility Locating. The reason why is because we are just three guys that had my dear we thought that it could be done better. That is how our company started and that is how it’s going to continue. It is a fact that it is about 50 billion dollars wasted in estimated damages to underground utilities. That is a huge amount that that sinking 50 billion is the number that we are trying to save the world. We’re doing this by locating. We know that doesn’t sound like a big job and it doesn’t sound like we are creating national monuments.

This is easy to do, and it’s done all the time every day by homeowners with the best intentions and they think the best plan possible instead of utilizing our Utility Locating services. They will guess and this oftentimes has not worked out right for them. Because it is the responsibility of the property owner to protect any lines that are on your property. You will also be responsible for any costs if they see those from realized. You will have to contact the work and get it done yourself because this is not in the public domain. And it will always be your responsibility and you are going to want to go ahead and hire us on the front end of your project make sure that you know where all the lines are and then you will not have to worry about hiring us after the damage is already done and you have to hire other contractors in order to fix your mistake.

Here at True Spot, we make it easy to do Utility Locating, because the set of the art technology that we use here is just unbelievable. Some of the technology that we use here is our ground-penetrating radar or for sure g p r. What this amazing machine does is it is going to basically be like an x-ray that’s going to see underground facilities and different structures so you know where today is going we’re not today. It’s important that this stuff is done because infrastructures that are underground could cost millions of dollars. So that’s why it’s important that we do our GPR process so you won’t have to deal with any of this damage.

If you go to our website you are going to see the many different Testimonials and reviews that we have received from many different customers in the past. Each one of them said that we had done an amazing job for them and they continue to come back for another utility finding. We want to make sure that we make this an important project before anybody starts to do any type of construction because honestly you do not want to cause any gas leaks and that’s something that you need to make sure you don’t do.

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Utility Locating | Unseen threats below

A little bit of a review about us is he will be doing we’re going to help you do Utility Locating for you today. We want to make sure that this is going to be a fast and easy job so you can start doing any construction jobs that you may have. What we do is we locate any utility lines that you may be looking for or maybe you do not know about which is totally fine. This is typically for new homeowners who are looking to redesign but need a dig underground. You want to make sure that you hit no utility line so you want to make sure that you avoid that area so that’s what we do here is free Markham but you’re going to say to the art technology.

Quality Utility Locating is what we offer here at your spot. We want to make sure that each job that we do for you is going to be done correctly. We know how important this setup is going to be for those who are reconstructing or for those who are in the cutting concrete business. This is going to be a very important spot because you want to make sure that you hit no power lines or gas lines that could cause an accident to you or your employees or anybody else around you. That’s why it’s important that you always get a good company to locate these lines and I guarantee you that what you’ll spot is going to be the one for you.

Another ideal person if you’re looking for Utility Locating, will be those who are new homeowners or maybe those who have purchased land and have a home in it. then you might want to give us a call if you’re looking to reconstruct or expand this home. It’s important that you’re able to do this because you might not know what’s under the ground and you may be digging and you could crack anything or cause an accident. So it’s important that you are able to avoid what you can’t see and that’s exactly what we’re going to do here for you as we’re going to make sure that we locate and mark up the areas that you should avoid that now.

Another cool thing about it is that we are Oklahoma’s highest and most reviewed to find any utility lines. not only because of the great technology but also with the great customer service that we provide here for you. We also have a no-brainer for any companies out there who’re studying long-term projects we’re going to give you the first month free if you try it out. Is it going to be a great opportunity for you to save money in the long run?

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