Bigger or small we are here for every single project and all of your Utility Locating needs. This means that way if you are a private landowner and you are just trying to build a new barn we are going to be there for you and we are going to be able to find every single thing that is under the ground in your property lines. Do because we know that is going to help bring value it to your home and to your property. And that is very comforting to know..

Weare here for all of your Utility Locating needs and want to make sure that we don’t only work with industrial projects. And Commercial design contractors. And the reason for this is that we are here to help our local area. We started this company because we knew what it was to have a broken system. That is why we are here to help each and every person whether it is to Revolution lies our industry or protect the public utility infrastructure. But also we just want to protect the structure in general. That means whether it is a project that is all your own and small or it is a large project that is what I’m doing now sprawling over several city blocks.

So do you have A project that you were going to be implementing on your property but you know that there are structures there before and you do not know where the utilities are or if there is any electric utility lines or communication lines? Give us a call we’re going to be able to find that out for you before you start digging or before you rented equipment to even start your project that way not only are you not making costly and time-consuming mistakes but you can then utilize those utilities for your project.

Not to mention is pretty cool to know exactly what is underneath the ground beneath your feet. If you have long lost T-Rex under your feet on your property we’re going to be able to let you know that because we’re going to come and we’re going to use our state-of-the-art technology to find everything single thing underground on your property. That means that we are going to if effectively x-ray the ground that you are walking on. This gives us a very clear picture of what’s on there and you will not have to worry about any dicks you ever do again on your property.

Be sure to take the proper precautions and prevent the damage that happened so very often end of this simply because owners do not know where the existing lines are located. This is a very preventable issue. And why would you want to have the cost of the damages and time lost in your project whenever it can be very easily prevented and done in a non-destructive easy method can be implemented at a cost-effective way because we can promise you this the cost of our services are going to be less than the cost of fixing a mistake utility locating errors. Call us at 405-585-3803 and go to our website at

Utility Locating | Like We Have A Radar

We are the company that you call with all utility location needs We can also say quite proudly that if there is a company that you could be proud to say you belong to it is us because we are here to implement this absolute standard and utility locating and you will be working for the very bes. And if it is important to you to be on a team that is at the top of their field and competing with Locating.

We’re very proud to say that here at true spot utility locating services our company is growing are need for technicians is big and we are hoping to add to our company and our team. We did not expect you to have theĀ  locating skills of a bloodhound. But we are going to teach you how to use the very best technology in the industry and the most innovative systems and techniques in the industry this is how we have created a company that is far and above all of our competition and is operating at the top of our field.

Whenever it comes to using locating we are by far the go-to experts. We know that we are able to say this because we have worked on almost every single large project our area has completed in several years. So if your plan is to join a team that is solidified in our community and is the absolute standard of quality in their field then you are going to want to come and apply with true spot locating. Because we offered not only the experience of working with the best and most qualified technicians in the industry but also we are very proud to say that we pay very well most of our employees can expect to earn a very competitive wage.

This is because we are producing quality work that is the standard for our field. We pay in a way that is based on it firm salary and built upon our incentive bonus program so that we can reward good work and make sure that our employees are always pushing to exceed their performance standards. Another wonderful thing for our employees is we always try to promote from within our company we never look for our talent outside of our walls and our team. Instead, we decide that we are going to find our top performers and train them in positions that help them grow professionally and motivate them to continue their wonderful performance. Another wonderful bonus for working with us and learning from the best about utility locating is that we have very consistent hours we know that many companies in the locating field are going to lay off during the slow season.

This is not something we do and not something you’re going to run into whenever you’re employed with us instead you’re going to find consistent safe and profitable work year-round whenever you work with us at the true spot. If you are interested then give us a call at 4055853803 or go to